Qspice has been in the making for 30 years getting its start in our family as the tried-and-true salad dressing.  Travel, culture and culinary training inspired me to combine art with science and formulate this seasoning with universal savour.

Qspice is the perfect blend of the quintessential flavours that create a balanced taste experience – sweet, salty, sour, bitter and umami. This comprehensive bouquet fully enhances the taste of most all foods, is the foundation for many delectable salad dressings, soups and sauces + marries to any ethnic culinary profile.  Whether you’re a cook or just need a go-to seasoning, Qspice accomodates every foodie!

Qspice contains no additives, preservatives, fillers, emulsifiers or MSG… only herbs, spices, minerals and vegetables. Clumping is natural and nothing a vigorous shake won’t rectify.


Ingredients: Sea Salt, Herbs, Spices, Dehydrated Vegetables (Onion, Porcini Mushroom, Chili Pepper), Sumac.





Qspice has a flavor affinity to all vegetables, seafood, fish and meat + pairs especially well with:

egg                     tomato                  cauliflower                 clove                      cinnamon               cardamom

lemon                spinach                 kale                             garlic                      mint                         fennel

asparagus         pea                        avocado                     sriracha                  hot sauce                montreal steak spice

rice                     potato                   mayonnaise              apple                       mango                     pear

cheese               cream                    tofu                            date                         honey                      maple syrup

lentil                   popcorn                curry                          mushroom             peach                      broccoli


See the Cookery for recipes.