tammy-martel266Hi my name is Tammy Martel and I’m a hopeless foodie who lives to eat.  I also understand the importance of a balanced diet to maintain vitality but am not interested in unappetizing food no matter how good for me.  Enter Qspice – The Quintessential Seasoning.

Cooking is my lifelong passion – relatives recount me standing on a chair pulled up to the stove cooking wiener hash for my four siblings.  I learnt early on how the to turn the humblest of ingredients into a feast.  Then I practiced entrepreneurship with two small home-based food businesses and became chef certified in culinary technical knowledge to rework comfort foods into wholesome versions.

These days I create tasty, nutritious meals for families challenged with limited palates and chronic lack of time whilst being the purveyor of Qspice.

The Cookery serves up inspiration and ingredients to have great taste in food.  Here I share the real solutions I’ve discovered as well as the one I created; Qspice.  Every recipe is gluten, sugar and dairy free.  Qspice feeds bodies, minds and souls thus you love the food that loves you back.



“Motivate people to live well and prosper.”  Lets take care of people and the planet will take care of itself!