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I’ve been noodling vegetables using a julienne peeler long before it became a thing among those reducing their carb intake. Although I’m happy to see pre-cut faux noodles come on the grocery store scene, freshness is the question. Spiralizing vegetables rages on in the culinary realm because it makes easy work of the mountains of […]

There is a fundamental food of Northern Italy that doesn’t usually get much recognition. Defying its humble and obscure past, polenta has now attained a culinary status in gourmet food restaurants attracting a higher-end class of clientele. The key to the popularity of polenta is its sheer versatility. A vessel for anything, it has spread […]

There are a few negotiables when it comes to Thanksgiving traditions but unless you’re vegan, turkey is definitely happening.  Long gone are the days that dry, tough turkey is a fact of life.  How to prepare your bird however, that’s become a bone of contention. Brining is the process of injecting or bathing or sponge […]

Holy Trinity

I recently returned from China where I fell in love with the elusive Sichuan peppercorn… it literally numbs your tongue! I’ve included the Sichuan peppercorn in my Chinese 5 spice blend for years but have never considered it on its own. Many of us have an international palate but have you ever wondered why certain […]

Food is everything we are and the new Canada’s Food Guide is a giant step forward that meets the nutrient needs and diet choices of most Canadians. The 2019 version is based on scientific evidence and public consultations with no input from the food industry. The suggested plate for healthy eating focuses 50% on vegetables […]


Food labels are important tools in managing a wholesome diet. They are a source of information about calories and the nutritional value of the foods you eat. The ingredients list is typically listed close to the Nutrition Facts Table on the food product making it easier to compare different products. Understanding the ingredients list can […]

date paste


It’s official, clinical dieticians agree that the best sweetener is no sweetener at all. “Sugar and artificial sweeteners are addictive and will hijack your health and metabolism,” says Brigid Titgemeier, MS, RDN, LD. No sugar or sugar substitute is healthy; they stimulate your appetite, encourage your sweet tooth and pack on the pounds. And they […]


I’m not a gadget person. I find them more work to clean than the effort of chopping by hand. So when a client called around looking for a tomato chopper, I didn’t hesitate to voice my skepticism. In defense, the ladies at Kitchen Boutique in Cochrane offered to test and corroborate the Trudeau manual food […]

Salad; it can be a vehicle for any ingredient under the sun! You’ll be amazed at the delicious fusions you discover right in your kitchen, at any given time, using what you have on hand. Vegetables are nature’s fast food and eating a daily, fresh salad sets a good foundation for getting the healthy fats […]

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