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Qspice Chickeny Bouillion

Qspice Chickeny Bouillon

Looking for a healthy broth substitute? Qspice Chickeny Bouillon, our solution to over-packaged, over-processed and over-priced commercial broth, makes everything old new again! It’s tastier and an ideal pantry staple that keeps for months.

Summer Slush

An instant refreshing bevvie for the whole gang on a hot day!  And go ahead and spike a glass of summer slush with a splash of gin – cocktail or mocktail it’s thirst quenching and full of the good stuff!

Caesar Cocktail

Qspice Caesar Cocktail

Caesar the moment with our remix. Bloody caesars are sweet, salty, sour, bitter and umami in a glass! Tasty and filling, shrimp caesar shooters get the party started… just serve in shot glasses instead.

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