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Apple Hazelnut Dressing

A homey herb blend with tart sweetness of green apple and musty hazelnut crunch makes this dressing so much more than a stuffing for turkey! Move over meat, this earthy side will steal the spotlight of any roast dinner.

tortillas / roti

Tortillas / Wraps / Rotis

Thin unleavened flatbreads have changed how we think of sandwiches. Bring it to breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack time with our wraps that handle anything you throw at them!

Banana Bread

Banana Almond Bread

Elevate the ubiquitous banana bread from bit player to star! Ours is uber healthy while keeping the spongy, moist texture of the regular variety. Feel good about having this ideal snack anytime.

Naan Bread

Incredible comfort food in minutes! Stack up crispy and tender naan or adapt the batter to make gluten free wrappers for taquitos, empanadas, spanakopita, perogies and samosas.  They’re best eaten hot off the grill and once you get the knack, will become a staple for all your flatbread occasions.

Pumpkin Spice Donuts

You can smell it in the air. Light, fragrant pumpkin spice cake rings warm you up to the fall season!  Enjoy a breakfast treat on one of those brisk, lazy mornings.

shrimp bruschetta

Shrimp Bruschetta

An easy, fresh appetizer that captures the beautiful flavour of ripe roma tomatoes and basil. Our rustic shrimp version on gluten free flatbread is a stand-alone appetizer.   Add a simple green salad of spinach or arugula and you end up with a gratifying meal!  Top grilled eggplant or polenta medallions with bruschetta to change things up.

Bread Dipper

Bread Dipper

Nothing beats this Italian restaurant favourite and now you can enjoy the quintessential appetizer at home! Jazz up your best olive oil and balsamic vinegar and grab a fresh baguette for dipping. I give you the base recipe… what you do with it is your business!  

Granola Muffins

Granola Muffins

Perfect “on the go” and pre or post workout, these little breakfasts stick to your ribs!  Make a double batch to freeze and have on hand for the whole family to kickstart every day.

Flatbread / Focaccia

Besides being quick and easy, flatbread is adaptable for pizza crust or focaccia. Conventional pizza lovers give our crust the thumbs up!  The versatility of this bread crust keeps you returning to it time and again and you may never buy croutons once you’ve had homemade ones.

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