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Grilled Portobello Mushrooms

If you are a fungi fan, these portobellos will top your grilled vegetable list.  This  meaty umami mushroom is burger-sized and can be a place-holder for beef… to be enjoyed by everyone!

Garden Burgers

‘Where’s the beef?’  From the crunchy outside crust to the chewy middle, our garden burger has perfect texture and lip-smacking savour to impress carnivores and vegans in one fell swoop! Browned eggplant skin imbues an essence of smoke rounding out the meaty taste throughout.

Potsticker Burgers

Potsticker Burgers

Homemade potsticker filling is easy to make and tastes a bazillion times better than store-bought!  Convert the appetizer dumpling into burgers to be enjoyed between lettuce leaves, mushroom caps or a bun, enveloped in a rice wrapper or open-faced with a knife and fork. 


Once considered the preserve of the vegetarian, falafel is the proper fast food in the Middle East.  Hot and crunchy on the outside, fluffy and herby on the inside, pile this fritter on a burger, stuff it in a pita or punch it in a salad. 

Souvlaki Meatloaf

Greek Koftas

We’ve transformed a fast food favourite into wholesome mediterranean cuisine; the perfect opportunity to get your Greek on! Greek fare is a fascinating exploration of unexpected flavours with endless variety. Kofta consists of balls of ground meat and turns out the classic taste in a jiffy.

salmon cakes

Salmon Cakes

Salmon cakes fashion a tasteful meal that’s affordable and versatile. These medallions are as scrumptious over a bed of greens as they are between a bun. Get a flaky, meaty patty with a salmon filet or a softer croquette with canned salmon, a pantry hero.

Rustic buns

Rustic Buns

Longing for the taste of artisan whole grain bread?  Our rustic buns will hit the spot.  The soft centre encapsulated by a chewy crust sides well  with hearty soups and stews.  This recipe appears daunting but it’s worth tackling. 

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