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buffalo pasta sauce

Buffalo Pasta Sauce

Craving buffalo wings? Try our healthful dinner substitute and see if it doesn’t become an ultimate comfort food! Cauliflower tames the heat and supplies a velvety mouth-feel here. Our sauce accommodates itself nicely to baked and mashed potatoes, stuffed peppers and zucchini or steamed rice. Take time on the weekend to double and freeze a batch for busy weeknight meals at the ready.


Meat on a stick is an awesome idea – quick to cook and easy to eat. Tasty, tender morsels of beef are mostly dependant on the choice of cut. And how fun are these rosemary skewered creamers?

Souvlaki Meatloaf

Greek Koftas

We’ve transformed a fast food favourite into wholesome mediterranean cuisine; the perfect opportunity to get your Greek on! Greek fare is a fascinating exploration of unexpected flavours with endless variety. Kofta consists of balls of ground meat and turns out the classic taste in a jiffy.

Beef Borscht Goulash

Beef Borscht Goulash

We made a sophisticated beef stew with an amazing array of vegetables of the Ukrainian wintertime soup classic.  It’s a deeply satisfying earthy bowl with a sweet-sour finish.  The list is long but the ingredients are simple.

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