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Qspice Chickeny Bouillion

Qspice Chickeny Bouillon

Looking for a healthy broth substitute? Qspice Chickeny Bouillon, our solution to over-packaged, over-processed and over-priced commercial broth, makes everything old new again! It’s tastier and an ideal pantry staple that keeps for months.

Qspice Lemono Sauce

Qspice Lemono Sauce is much greater than the sum of its humble ingredients! This raw Greek sauce punches everything up instantly, and did I mention it takes 5 minutes to make? It’s a staple flavouring for rice, quinoa, potatoes, pasta, eggs, vegetables, fish, seafood, meat, poke bowls and all things salad.

Cranberry Orange Relish

A fresh, raw condiment that everyone will, well, relish! Easy peasy… five minutes to make any roast meat, baked brie, salad or sandwich seem extravagant.

Hollandaise Sauce

Do you love eggs benedict but only eat it at the restaurant?  Our foolproof lemony, satin hollandaise sauce that has the bonus of good fats is indeed standard home fare!  And a little goes a long way to liven up eggs, asparagus, spinach, Brussels sprouts, potatoes, cauliflower, tomatoes, broccoli, fish and seafood.

Buffalo Sauce

Buffalo sauce is basically a  jazzed up perennial hot sauce that makes everything perfect… if that’s your culture.  Our buffalo sauce made with Qspice and olive oil is a game changer! Drizzle, dunk and dip to your heart’s delight.

béchamel sauce

Qspice Béchamel Sauce

Presenting the 21st century dairy free mother sauce of French cuisine! Use this health-giving, satiny white sauce as the base for other sauces (like alfredo and mornay) or the backbone for casseroles (think grains and mac & cheese) and creamy soups and chowders. The long and short of it, your freezer should never be without at least a litre of béchamel sauce for backup.

buffalo pasta sauce

Buffalo Pasta Sauce

Craving buffalo wings? Try our healthful dinner substitute and see if it doesn’t become an ultimate comfort food! Cauliflower tames the heat and supplies a velvety mouth-feel here. Our sauce accommodates itself nicely to baked and mashed potatoes, stuffed peppers and zucchini or steamed rice. Take time on the weekend to double and freeze a batch for busy weeknight meals at the ready.

peach ketchup

Peach Ketchup

Our peachy keen ketchup hits many of the same notes as its customary counterpart only with more complex sweet, fruity and savoury flavour.  It’s versatile enough as a chutney and stir fry sauce or a simple condiment for rice, samosas, pot stickers, egg rolls or grilled sandwiches.

Bolognese Sauce

Bolognese Sauce

Bolognese sauce isn’t your run-of-the-mill spaghetti sauce! While you’re at it, take a break from your usual pasta and give different noodles a twirl.  If the comfort of a starchy bowl is called for, boil up some whole grain pasta but if you’re needing tasty lightness, have vegetable noodles. And who can say what might happen if you mix half and half?!

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