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Tikka Stoup

Chunky vegetables enveloped by a perfectly spiced creamy tomato bisque. Just another quintessential example of simple ingredients creating incredible flavour!



There’s a melting pot of styles of gumbo but a hint of smoke, a bit of heat and a whole lot of flavour are standard!  At the heart of our aromatic soup-stew characteristic of the Creole cuisine of Louisiana, is the humble holy trinity – bell pepper, celery and onions.  Beyond its taste, the gooey nature of cut okra is highly desirable here as a natural thickener.

Cabbage Roll Stew

Cabbage Roll Hash

A medley that offers all the elements of classic cabbage rolls without the hassle! Basic at its core, our modern adoption calls for highly aromatic caraway seeds to muddle the chorizo’s heat revealing a flavour stunner. Cabbage is brimming with glutamine and vitamin C helping protect against the common cold.

béchamel sauce

Qspice Béchamel Sauce

Presenting the 21st century dairy free mother sauce of French cuisine! Use this health-giving, satiny white sauce as the base for other sauces (like alfredo and mornay) or the backbone for casseroles (think grains and mac & cheese) and creamy soups and chowders. The long and short of it, your freezer should never be without at least a litre of béchamel sauce for backup.

Sambar with Tuna

Sambar with Tuna

Sambar is Indian vegetable and lentil stew made easy in the instant pot. This stew can’t happen without delicious okra. Sliced okra pods exude a thick and sticky juice that’s excellent for thickening soups and chowders and the flavour blends well with acid foods like tomatoes. Enjoy a satisfying change that’s packed full with wholesome flavour!

Buttery Chicken

While the famous butter chicken was concocted accidentally with leftover tandoori chicken, this revamped, buttery vegetable-cashew gravy is intended to surprise all categories of foodies; tasting is believing!  There are many ingredients and several steps to this big batch so why not invite company to share it or freeze some?

Chicken Fagioli

Chicken Fagioli

Extra flavourful comfort food and one of the best rustic stoups you’ll ever find! Make any cold day better… think snowy winter or rainy summer. Traditionally this dish focuses on pasta and beans but here, chicken and vegetables are the stars.

Sausage Kale Stoup

The flavour of sweet yam mingled with spicy sausage gets rounded out with onion and kale. Orange and emerald colour combination is gorgeous in a bowl. Make this hearty soup a meal with a thick chunk of artisan bread or rustic buns.  It’s perfect on a rainy summer day or overcast, brisk fall day. While you are at it, why not try your hand at homemade chorizo sausage?!

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