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cumin pork chop

Grilled Cumin Pork Chops

Cumin lends itself to many ethnic flavour profiles; here we use it in a teriyaki of sorts.  Switch up the side dishes and you have a flavourful meal to serve up year-round for family and friends.

peach ketchup

Peach Ketchup

Peach ketchup is the perfect substitute for traditional ketchup as it hits many of the same notes only with more complex sweet, fruity and savoury flavour. 

egg fu young

Egg Fu Young

Add this Chinese Indonesian omelette to your repertoire of great homemade eats!

Egg Roll Bowl

Egg Roll Bowl

All the goodness of an egg roll without the junk.  Tastes equally delish when cold only call it egg roll slaw.

Pizza Crust / Foccacia

Pizza Crust / Focaccia

The only crust conventional pizza lovers give a thumbs up to!  Besides being quick and easy, it’s adaptable for thick & thin pizza crust, bruschetta, focaccia, flatbread or pot pie crust.

Asian Dressing

Asian Dressing

Full flavour comes through the dressing! See the suggested salad combinations in the recipe.

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