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Qspice Melting Cheese

Of the dairy free ingredients, one of the hardest to replicate is cooked cheese because of how it transforms when heated.  Most vegan cheeses on the market are highly processed to pull off the desired texture.  Qspice melting cheese offers decent flavour, melt and stretch using recognizable ingredients!



There’s a melting pot of styles of gumbo but a hint of smoke, a bit of heat and a whole lot of flavour are standard!  At the heart of our aromatic soup-stew characteristic of the Creole cuisine of Louisiana, is the humble holy trinity – bell pepper, celery and onions.  Beyond its taste, the gooey nature of cut okra is highly desirable here as a natural thickener.


Just about any meat, rice, and veggies in the creole mish-mash based on Spanish paella ends up in deliciousness. Jambalaya begins with the cajun holy trinity consisting of onion, celery and green pepper; the backbone of most cuisines of Louisiana.

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