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Chai Apple Galette

Chai Apple Galette

Galette is any round or free-form tart enfolding sweet or savoury fillings. Distinctly elegant, this easy rustic pie is a great choice when you find yourself with a bounty of peak season produce.

Masala Roasted Cauliflower Salad

A sunny, earthy dish that’s a welcome low-carb option. Turn out our distinguished salad for dinner company or your next potluck. Roasted cauliflower has the dandy ability to sop up the warm, bitter, pepper-like flavour of the masala dressing.

Banana Bread

Banana Almond Bread

Elevate the ubiquitous banana bread from bit player to star! Ours is uber healthy while keeping the spongy, moist texture of the regular variety. Feel good about having this ideal snack anytime.

Ras Malai Rice Pudding

Rasmalai Rice Pudding

Rice pudding can be something extraordinary encompassing fun ingredients from around the world. The name itself is exotic and denotes the richness of a delicate Indian dessert but giving in to your cravings isn’t giving up on healthy eating with this one. Dessert snobs might even concede, the proof is in this pudding!

Sambar with Tuna

Sambar with Tuna

Sambar is Indian vegetable and lentil stew made easy in the crockpot. Enjoy a satisfying change that’s packed full with wholesome flavour!

non butter chicken

Non-Butter Chicken

While the famous butter chicken was concocted accidentally with leftover tandoori chicken, this revamped vegetable cashew gravy is intended to surprise all categories of foodies; tasting is believing! 

Cashew Chicken Byriani

Cashew Biryani

Biryani is the Indian version of a one-pan rice dinner, like Spanish paella or Chinese fried rice, and sky’s the limit for variations.  The secret to amazing Indian food begins with blooming the spices.

Naan Bread

Incredible comfort food in minutes! It’s very similar to naan plus this recipe can be adapted for tortillas, empanadas, spanakopitas and samosas. 

Tandoori Chicken

Tandoori Chicken

Get acquainted with Indian cuisine by giving this not-too-hot dish a try. Indian food always delivers on flavour and the heat can be controlled.

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