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Cranberry Orange Relish

A fresh, raw condiment that everyone will, well, relish! Easy peasy… five minutes to make any roast meat, baked brie, salad or sandwich seem extravagant.



If homemade crackers strike you as one of those things likely to be more effort than they’re worth, think again. In reality, crackers are one of the easiest homemade pantry projects once you learn one of my favourite hacks to get the dough thin and even in seconds… the tortilla press!

Roasted Eggplant Soup

Roasted Eggplant Soup

A simple yet novel soup that’s sure to intrigue. Just roasting eggplant generates a slight smoky essence and buttery smooth mouth-feel in and of itself. And thanks to a middle eastern blend of spices, this soup is nothing if not flavourful!

Cabbage Roll Stew

Cabbage Roll Hash

A medley that offers all the elements of classic cabbage rolls without the hassle! Basic at its core, our modern adoption calls for highly aromatic caraway seeds to muddle the chorizo’s heat revealing a flavour stunner. Cabbage is brimming with glutamine and vitamin C helping protect against the common cold.

zucchini bread

Savoury Zucchini Bread

Atypical of all the sweet zucchini bread recipes, our savoury quick bread is nummy for all your sandwich and toasting needs.  Spread satiny homemade mayonnaise on a fresh moist chunk; or top a toasted slice with fanned-out avocado slivers and a sprinkling of Qspice.  

Qspice vinaigrette

Qspice Vinaigrette

Qspice makes the most versatile vinaigrette for all your salad and marinating needs.

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