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salmon cakes

Salmon Cakes

Our recipe for homemade salmon cakes uses any cooked salmon and can be served in a bun or as the protein for a main course or meal salad.  A fresh filet will produce a flaky, meaty patty whereas canned salmon a softer croquette.

creamy lemon tarragon salmon

Lemon Tarragon Salmon

A snap to put together, this dish using the darling herb of french cuisine, tarragon, is wonderful for entertaining.  Dijon mustard is integral to this tangy, buttery sauce that goes on everything and pairs especially well with salmon and these vegetables.

One-Pan Proscuitto Chicken Dinner

A classic Italian ingredient, salty proscuitto, promises a tender, moist chicken with minimal time or effort for this impressive dish. If bacon makes everything better, then proscuitto makes everything perfect! 

Pumpkin spice & butternut mac & cheese

Mac & Butternut Cheese

Eat this comfort food extraordinaire as often as you like because it’s packed with goodness!

Dry-Brined Turkey

Dry brining is a simpler method of seasoning turkey meat throughout furthermore enhancing the taste and texture.  It doesn’t matter if this is your first time cooking turkey dinner, the succulent bird resulting from dry-brining will make you look like a seasoned veteran.

port poached pears

Port Asian Poached Pears with Coconut Cashew Non-cream

Poached in a mixture of port wine and spices, these pears make a beautiful, elegant dessert for holiday and special occasions. 

cumin pork chop

Grilled Cumin Pork Chops

Cumin lends itself to many ethnic flavour profiles; here we use it in a teriyaki of sorts.  Switch up the side dishes and you have a flavourful meal to serve up year-round for family and friends.

marinated mushrooms

Marinated Mushrooms

The best part about serving marinated mushrooms as a holiday appetizer is that they can be made a week in advance and tucked away in the back of your fridge until you’re ready for them.  They also make a great addition to an antipasti plate or charcuterie board.

Apple Mustard Glazed Pork

Apple Mustard Glazed Pork Tenderloin

Quick cooking pork tenderloin pairs delightfully with sweet sage apple & tender potato. 

Bread Dipper

Bread Dipper

I give you the base recipe… what you do with it is your business!

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