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port poached pears

Port Asian Poached Pears with Coconut Cashew Non-cream

Poached in a mixture of port wine and spices, these pears make a beautiful, elegant dessert for holiday and special occasions. 

Thai Poached Halibut

Thai Coconut Poached Halibut

White fish is the perfect vessel for the subtle, aromatic flavour that poaching imbues; and flakier fillets like haddock and pickerel stand up to this gentle simmering technique. 

cumin pork chop

Grilled Cumin Pork Chops

Cumin lends itself to many ethnic flavour profiles; here we use it in a teriyaki of sorts.  Switch up the side dishes and you have a flavourful meal to serve up year-round for family and friends.

date paste

Date Puree

Date puree is the ultimate natural sweetener and a wonderful alternative to table sugar and even agave due to its fibre content and other nutritional values.  Stir it in hot oatmeal, use it in baking and add it to smoothies and puddings. 

marinated mushrooms

Marinated Mushrooms

The best part about serving marinated mushrooms as a holiday appetizer is that they can be made a week in advance and tucked away in the back of your fridge until you’re ready for them.  They also make a great addition to an antipasti plate or charcuterie board.

peach ketchup

Peach Ketchup

Peach ketchup is the perfect substitute for traditional ketchup as it hits many of the same notes only with more complex sweet, fruity and savoury flavour. 

Beef Stroganoff

Beef Stroganoff

There are countless variations of this popular dish that over the years has spread around the world.  Create a luxurious meal minus the effort by using pearl onions and button mushrooms then delight in popping velvety smothered mini meatballs into your mouth.

Chicken Fagioli

Chicken Fagioli

Extra flavourful comfort food plus a crock pot recipe makes it one of the best stoups you’ll ever find!  Traditionally this dish focuses on pasta and beans but here chicken and vegetables are the stars.

devilled egggs

Devilled Eggs

Devilled eggs are ingenious.  They take one of the world’s most perfect foods and elevate them to chic bites worthy of many occasions.

Romesco Salmon kebabs

Romesco Salmon Skewers

Fishermen in Spain made this hearty romesco sauce to be eaten with seafood & fish but nowadays we use it like a condiment. 

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