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salsa fresca

Pico de Gallo

Bottom line, pico de gallo has the same ingredients as salsa only it is always raw. In Mexico it might also be called salsa fresca (fresh salsa), salsa cruda (raw salsa), and salsa huevona (lazy salsa). The tomatoes make or break this recipe… only fragrant, ripe tomatoes will do!

Tostada & Elote

Tostadas and Elote

Tostada is a Mexican staple food similar to pizza and elote is grilled street corn. You don’t have to be Mexican to commemorate Cinco de Mayo; you just need to partake in this authentic meal.



The name is a combination of chicharron (fried pork skins) and frijoles (beans) – it’s two main ingredients – topped with salad add-ons and chimichurri. 

Chocolate Pudding / Fudge Sickle

A rich, dark and delicious dessert or a snack full of healthy fats?!  This raw chocolate pudding tastes better than it’s conventional counterpart and you now have a clever use for those fickle, ripe avocados.


Ceviche is raw seafood or fish “cooked” by lemon or lime juice. The acid in the citrus juice denatures the proteins in the fish, causing it to become opaque and producing a firm texture.  Now don’t wrinkle your nose… it’s invigoratingly delicious as long as you use the freshest of ingredients!  Ceviche is equally appreciated as a finger food,  appetizer or salad. One made with fresh white sea bass is a favourite.

tex mex tofu bowl

Tex Mex Tofu Bowl

This easy one-dish meal is your answer for chock-full flavour and goodness.  It’s also proof that tofu can be filling and scrumptious!

Mole Stew

Mole Stew

Mole is the generic rich sauce in Mexican cooking and makes this stew exceptional.  This chocolate-tinged poblano, tomato sauce is much thinner but thick on flavour.

Pizza Crust / Focaccia

The only crust conventional pizza lovers give a thumbs up to!  Besides being quick and easy, it’s adaptable for thick & thin pizza crust, bruschetta, focaccia, flatbread or pot pie crust.



Succotash is one of the most delicious things you can do to vegetables!  Albeit traditional with corn and lima beans, give this interesting version a go.

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