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Durango Pie

Shepherd’s pie is comfort food at it’s finest but this one comes with a spiced base and cream corn centre for comfort that’s off the charts! And mashed potatoes to tuck that all in… come on!

Stuffed Poblano Peppers

Peppers are the ultimate vessel for leftovers and never go out of style! Pull everything together with avocado chimichurri and Qspice melting cheese then roast them into supple submission.

Qspice Melting Cheese

Of the dairy free ingredients, one of the hardest to replicate is cooked cheese because of how it transforms when heated.  Most vegan cheeses on the market are highly processed to pull off the desired texture.  Qspice melting cheese offers decent flavour, melt and stretch using recognizable ingredients!

Beef Empanadas

An empanada is effectively a savoury or sweet stuffed bread pocket.  When baked, they come out like calzones and when fried they come out like samosas.  Eaten as a snack or meal, this South American inspired beef recipe is the most popular in the Western hemisphere of the world.  Having said that our scrummy little pies are a bit of work from scratch, they’re healthful and worth it!

tortillas / roti

Tortillas / Wraps / Rotis

Thin unleavened flatbreads have changed how we think of sandwiches. Bring it to breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack time with our wraps that handle anything you throw at them!

Pico de Gallo

Pico de Gallo

Bottom line, pico de gallo has the same ingredients as salsa only it is always raw. In Mexico it might also be called salsa fresca (fresh salsa), salsa cruda (raw salsa), and salsa huevona (lazy salsa). The tomatoes make or break this recipe… only fragrant, ripe tomatoes will do!

avocado toastada

Avocado Toast with Tomato Jam

Jump back on the avocado toast train! If you think the brunch trend is passe, give this version a whirl. Sweet savoury tomato jam and mildly nutty sprouts dial it all in. And the polarizing contrast of crunchy toast, buttery avocado and tender alfalfa sprouts takes you there again.

Tostada & Elote

Tostadas and Elote

Tostada is a Mexican staple food similar to pizza and elote is grilled street corn. You don’t have to be Mexican to commemorate Cinco de Mayo; you just need to partake in this authentic meal.



The name is a combination of chicharron (fried pork skins) and frijoles (beans); it’s two main ingredients. The dish is lined with rice, topped with salad add-ons and drizzled chimichurri. Like most Costa Rican fare, chifrijo is nutritionally well rounded and cooked from scratch from fresh ingredients.  Chimichurri is a raw herb sauce that’s rich in antioxidants and a superfood of dressings.  This translation is a mild, tasty dose of Central America!

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