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non butter chicken

Non-Butter Chicken

While the famous butter chicken was concocted accidentally with leftover tandoori chicken, this revamped vegetable cashew gravy is intended to surprise all categories of foodies; tasting is believing! 

Souvlaki Meatloaf

Souvlaki Meatballs

A fast food Greek favourite transformed into wholesome mediterranean cuisine.  Ground meat turns out the classic souvlaki flavour without marinating.  

Beef Borscht Goulash

Beef Borscht Goulash

A Ukrainian wintertime soup classic turned into a loaded beef-beet stew with an amazing array of vegetables.  It’s a filling, deeply satisfying bowl with a sweet-sour finish. 


Creamy Polenta

Polenta is a very simple, old dish of Italian origin made from flour obtained from a number of cereals, the most commonly used today being corn.  This boiled cornmeal may be served as a hot porridge, used as a vessel for any sauce or stew or it may be allowed to cool and solidify into a loaf that can be baked, fried or grilled.

creamy lemon tarragon salmon

Lemon Tarragon Salmon

A snap to put together, this dish using the darling herb of french cuisine, tarragon, is wonderful for entertaining.  Dijon mustard is integral to this tangy, buttery sauce that goes on everything and pairs especially well with salmon and these vegetables.

tex mex tofu bowl

Tex Mex Tofu Bowl

This easy one-dish meal is your answer for chock-full flavour and goodness.  It’s also proof that tofu can be filling and scrumptious!

Dan dan noodles

Dan Dan Noodles

Enjoy a popular Chinese street food at home!  Adding vegetables to this classic Sichuan dish makes it a complete meal.

moroccan turkey

Moroccan Turkey Tajine

Practically any meat and vegetables can be turned into a moroccan stew using the token spices, dried fruit and nuts. 

Greek Spagsquash Ragout

Greek Squaghetti Ragout

We’ve come a long way from baking squash with animal fat and maple syrup to make it palatable.  Not only a trendy alternative to pasta, this one is a stylish vegetarian dish that satisfies with the meaty texture of extra firm tofu. 

Thai Poached Halibut

Thai Coconut Poached Halibut

White fish is the perfect vessel for the subtle, aromatic flavour that poaching imbues; and flakier fillets like haddock and pickerel stand up to this gentle simmering technique. 

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