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Baked Miso Salmon

Miso Baked Salmon

Fork over maximum flavour in 20 minutes with miso salmon. White, yellow or red miso all impart umami taste and full body the same way sun dried tomatoes, dried mushrooms, parmesan cheese, nutritional yeast or toasted walnuts might. It’s worthy addition to your asian flavour repertoire considering it’s affordability, convenience and health benefits.

Tostada & Elote

Tostadas and Elote

Tostada is a Mexican staple food similar to pizza and elote is grilled street corn. You don’t have to be Mexican to commemorate Cinco de Mayo; you just need to partake in this authentic meal.

Beef & Greens Frizzle

Beef & Greens Frizzle

Save yourself from take-away Chinese food in a white carton with this superb alternative.

Sambar with Tuna

Sambar with Tuna

Sambar is Indian vegetable and lentil stew made easy in the crockpot. Enjoy a satisfying change that’s packed full with wholesome flavour!

Tofu Piccata

Piccata is a light, easy sauce that’s divine on any cutlet. The lemon, the capers, the wine and the broth all form a confluence that is almost three-dimensional.

Potsticker Burgers

Potsticker Burgers

Homemade potsticker filling is easy to make and tastes a bazillion times better than store-bought!  Convert the appetizer dumpling into burgers to be enjoyed between lettuce leaves, mushroom caps or a bun, enveloped in a rice wrapper or open-faced with a knife and fork. 

Whitefish Provencal

Whitefish Provencal

Herbes de provence is the classic aromatic blend that’s a staple in french cooking. Our dish comes full circle paired with pistou; cold provencal sauce akin to pesto.

non butter chicken

Buttery Chicken

While the famous butter chicken was concocted accidentally with leftover tandoori chicken, this revamped, buttery vegetable-cashew gravy is intended to surprise all categories of foodies; tasting is believing!  There are many ingredients and several steps to this big batch so why not invite company to share it or freeze some?

Souvlaki Meatloaf

Souvlaki Meatballs

A fast food Greek favourite transformed into wholesome mediterranean cuisine.  Ground meat turns out the classic souvlaki flavour without marinating.  

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