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Stuffed Poblano Peppers

Peppers are the ultimate vessel for leftovers and never go out of style! Pull everything together with avocado chimichurri and Qspice melting cheese then roast them into supple submission.



The name is a combination of chicharron (fried pork skins) and frijoles (beans); it’s two main ingredients. The dish is lined with rice, topped with salad add-ons and drizzled chimichurri. Like most Costa Rican fare, chifrijo is nutritionally well rounded and cooked from scratch from fresh ingredients.  Chimichurri is a raw herb sauce that’s rich in antioxidants and a superfood of dressings.  This translation is a mild, tasty dose of Central America!

Tex Mex Tofu Bowl

A fusion of American and Mexican cuisine, this easy one-dish meal is your answer for chock-full flavour and goodness. Fuel up with our scrumptious bowl and find out that plant protein can be filling!

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